Implement one phase using LiquidSediment executable file

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to simulate a snow avalanche. Form literature it seems like a bingham model is one of the best estimates for a reologi model for snow. The only way to implement this model, please correct me if I'm wrong, is to run the LiquidSediment file. This can only be done by implementing two phases.

Since I only want one phase, I used the same parameters for both mk-phases and thought this would create two "phases" with equal properties. The result was not as I had expected though. The two phases (with the same properties), behaves very different from each other. Thus, I am wondering if one got automatically implemented as a fluid and the other as a sediment?

Does somebody know how to overcome this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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  • This is a screenshot of the model. They have the exact same parameter values, but behaves very differently.

  • Just a random idea, could it be something to due with surface tension?

    Also if you have a look at the run file, you should be able to exactly determine which kind of type they have?

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  • Hi Ingvild,

    I am not sure understand what is going wrong in your simulation. In theory you could run two phases with same properties and they should behave similarly. I have tested that in the past.

    A workaround to your problem is: to create your phase 1 using the properties required by the model (your snow avalanche) and create single particle at the left hand side of your domain (which I assume it will not interact with your fluid) which is going to be your second phase.

    As you may be aware we working towards releasing v5.0 which supports multi-phase non-Newtonian flows open-source.


    George Fourtakas

  • Thanks for the advice! To use a single particle with the phase not working seems like a good idea.

    @Asalih3d, it's a good suggestion that the surface tension is not suitable, but the problem is that the surface tension is the same for the whole slope and still the fluids behaves differently. When you are talking about the run file, do you mean the .xml? Cause the run file,DualSPHysics3.4_LiquidSediment_linux64, I have no idea how to read.

  • Basically when you run a simulation in your "case_out" folder, there should be a file called "Run.out" and opening this in any text editor should be possible. By doing this it shows simulation parameters, settings etc.

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