How can i use measure tool to measure the value on a moving floating

hi, forum.

I want to measure the pressure on a point attached on a floating object. And the trajectory of this floating is unpredictable.

I read the help file of MeasureTool and i don't find the way to set a point attached on floating object. But there is a potential alternative, using the id of particles. So, i modifidy like this:

%MeasureTool% -dirin %dirout% -particlesid:2529 -vars:+press -onlytype:-all,+fluid %dirout2%/PointsPressure -savecsv %dirout2%/_PointsPressure

id=2529 is a particle of floating on the edge. But i get a error information:

Text: Variable 'id' is not defined in list of valid variables [Idp,3:Pos,3:Vel,Rhop,idps,Press,Press,Mass,Vol,Type,Mk,3:Ace,3:Vor].

How can i fix it, and, is there any other way to measure the values on a arbitary point?


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