Gauge vs. MeasureTool

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I have been looking at the irregular wave generation examples using the relaxation zone technique. I am using both the measuretool and gauges to measure surface water levels at a point along the domain. I have found that although they are measured at the same point, there are differences of around 5% on average between the values from both methods. From what I have seen, the measuretool method may be 'calibrated' by using kclimit and kcdummy. My question is, which method is more reliable? Should the measuretool method be calibrated more or is the gauge data a more accurate method for obtaining values such as velocity and water elevation?

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  • The implementation of both methods is exactly the same.

    The option of Gauges was created in order to compute things during simulation time.

    The post-processing MeasureTool does include much more options and execution parameters.

    However it should be expected that you obtain the same results...

    Can you please share with the case you are running (XM and BAT file). You can send those files to our email

    Note that .BAT files better to be rename to _BAT or .TXT


  • Hi @Alex,

    Thank you the timely response, I now understand these tools much more. With regards to the output values, I found my mistake where I used the piece of code for 'swl' which omits the 'computedt' and 'outputdt' lines of code. Once I changed the code, the values correlated perfectly as expected.

    Thank you for your time and assistance

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