Help regarding WaveLength

Hello guys!

I am running the 08_WavesFlap example in "main", and trying to understand how this property is calculated:

I am struggling to figure out how wave length is calculated and if somebody could show me directly in the code where this calculation is done it would help me a lot. I have found this on the internet:

But am struggling to calculate it since, it feels like I should know both d and L at the same time, where I only know d (depth) initially..

Kind regards


  • Trying to understand it better, I am playing around with the values quite a bit. It is a bit hard for me though, since I get a lot of warnings where I am a bit lost

    And also Madsen's criteria is a bit problematic for me;

    HL^2/d^3 < 8π^2/3

    Is it 8 pi^2 / 3 or 8 pi^(2/3)

    I have downloaded the source code and trying to search through all files for "Waves breaking .." etc. but I simply cannot figure out where the calculations of these warnings is actually done.

    Kind regards

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