How do I use blender software to make vtk files generate colors?

I used freecad to simulate the impact of the coast on the seawall, and successfully produced a vtk file, and used blender addon → dualsphysics object → select vtk, it can move, but no color. What should I do?

Can provide instructional videos or instructional steps?


  • You have to google "blender shader" or find videoes on YouTube

    Will take some time, but you have to play around to get it to look really nice. Questions regarding shading (colouring objects) are properly better answered on a blender forum.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    if you want to make it looks like water, then follow @Asalih3d hint,

    if you want to display data contained in the vtk (like surface velocity for a result similar as paraview), then it's a good question !

    If you find the answer please post it here for other to see.


  • @TPouzol reminded me about this on Github;

    Maybe this would help if the case is as he described.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you very much for everyone answers.

    Because freecad is used to simulate waves hitting the seawall, but using paraview rendering, there is no realism.

    So try to use blender to render the real world.


    Thanks to @ Asalih3d for providing @ TPouzol's message. Learn from the content:

    Use of BVTKNodes requires both Blender and VTK skills. User needs to know at least Blender 3D Viewport, Node Editor, Materials, Lighting and Rendering basics, as well as VTK (to the extent required by users’ specific case). If photorealistic rendering or specialized VTK pipelines are not required, then it is suggested to use Paraview instead.

    so I want to learn the software of blender from the beginning.

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