Fluid Particles Penetrating Piston?


I am doing a 3D simulation, where I am generating 3D waves using a moving piston with regular 2nd order waves, but experiencing that fluid particles for some reason can enter the piston:

Orange is piston, blue is fluid and black is "beach"/floor. Side and top view. Has anyone experienced this before or is there an error when doing it in 3D? I have the simulation in 2D without a problem.

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  • can you paste here your XML input file?

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    Sure @Alex , I have uploaded it now

    At time step "20" it is very evident, so no need to simulate the whole case.

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  • Sorry I could not check this before

    Please do not use  coefh value="2", this value is to high so that your value of h will be also higher and therefore, 2h, the distance of interaction will be also too high. And this can be a problem with low resolution, as you are using now.

    Let me explain this with an example:

    you are using coefh=2 with dp=0.1m

    therefore h=0.28m and 2h=0.56m

    and the width of your piston is only of 0.2m

    However using a smaller coefh:

    such as using a recommended value of coefh=1.2 with dp=0.1m

    therefore h=0.17m and 2h=0.34m

    and the width of your piston is of 0.2m 

    On the other hand if you plan to simulate wave with H=0.3m you should use at least 10 particles per wave height so that dp=H/10=0.03m

    Therefore you should use coefh=1.2 and wider piston (3-4 times dp) or higher resolution like dp=0.05m or dp=0.03m!!!

  • I see, thank you very much for your in-depth explanation! A lot of information I was not aware of in there.

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