Create a custom object motion and add a custom tag in the xml file

Making use of the <motion> capabilities, I would like to create a custom motion different from the ones available out of the box (accelerated, rectilinear, sinusoidal, ...).

However, I cannot introduce in the xml file a tag setting on this custom option --- say <motion> <objreal ...> <begin ...> <tagofmymotion id="1" ..> --- although this tag has already been hard-coded in the source. GenCase protests.

Is this because GenCase owns a dictionary of valid tag names and throws exceptions accordingly? If so, is there a way to work around this? Or perhaps I oversaw some other options?


  • A workaround is: edit to one's own liking the xml produced by GenCase, for this is the one read by the DSPH binary proper.

    A confirmation that GenCase only works with a built-in vocabulary would be useful at any rate. Thanks in advance.

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