Reason behind (*** Exception (JBinaryData::SaveFile))


I am running a casting simulation where the fluid domain is defined around a reservoir.

On solving a case, I get this exception from DualSPHysics4.4.exe

"""*** Exception (JBinaryData::SaveFile)

Text: File writing failure.

File: /media/stpl/5CBEF438BEF40C70/Omega5sec.001step/project1/Solution/BinaryFile/Part_2909.bi4""".

I have never faced this issue on running similar casting simulations

What cause can raise this exception?


  • Hello

    The only thing I can think of is incredible large files? But it seems to me that if up to Part_2909 works, then it is not the specific file size which is a problem. Maybe you run out of storage space and then it is not able to add anymore new files?

    Kind regards

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