has anyone here used gencase_mkword to run a case with more than 10 mkfluids? im trying to create 19 mkfluids but not able yet.

got this:

GenCase4 [MkWord] v4.0.109 (21-06-2019) 


OmpThreads: 6


List: MAIN

Total operations: 69

[LoadXML-End time:0.002s]


Mk size: 2 bytes

Case limits: (-0.5,0,-0.5) - (10.5,0,0.5)

Distance between points: 0.001

Case domain: (0,0,0)-(10999,0,999)

Domain points: 11000 x 1 x 1000 = 11000000

Case parts: 1 x 1000z

Memory: 0.02Gb 20.98Mb (22000000)

List of available variables: Dp=[0.001] PosMin_x=[-0.5] PosMin_y=[0] PosMin_z=[-0.5] PosMax_x=[10.5] PosMax_y=[0] PosMax_z=[0.5]


*** Exception (JSpaceDraw::SetMkFluid)

Text: Invalid mk value for the rank set.


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