Blender 2.81 render crash

Hello everybody,

I've recently tried to render some animation in Blender while using the VisualSPHysics add-on and I've found that Blender crash doing so.

From what I gathered on other forums, it can be because of the interactions between blender and the add-on, especially something related to time-out probems when loading the render window. I'm not sure if it's a Blender or VisualSPHysics bug...

For people who still want to use it and render animation, the workaound I've found is to render the animation as multiple images (.jpeg, .png,...) via script. To ensure that the correct mesh is loaded for each frame, I used a time delay.

Here is the script I used:

import bpy

import time

for step in range(264,444): # change to the frames you want


   time.sleep(10) # time delay to ensure that the propoer mesh is loaded (10s maybe overkill)["Scene"].render.filepath='D:/............/image_%d.png' % step #write the adress of your export folder



  • In general you should always export as images in Blender since as you described do not want to get a crashing error and waste some hours of time. Exporting as pictures is also smarter since you get the clear stills and can then combine these to an animation. Lastly what you are doing seems to work, but it can be done much easier. I advise to look at;

    7 years old, but the idea still holds.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    Yeah, rendering individual images is definitely a good idea.

    However, I use the script because using more conventionnal tool (GUI) crash Blender in this instance. Even if I click "render image".

    Kind regards

  • I see, weird it should not, try submitting a bug report to the devs :-)

    Kind regards

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