two-phase flow with inlet/outlet BC

has anyone tried to run two-phase flow with inlet/out conditions?


  • Hi

    I don't think it is possible yet since the branch for multi-phase is not merged with the latest development of the engine (in/out, chrono...).

    Maybe, it will be possible with the next version (see feature, ver 5.0).


  • develpment team confirmed me that... thanks

  • Hi,

    are there any updates about the possibility to simulate two-phase flows with inlet/outlet conditions?

    Looking at the new features of DualSPHysics v5.0 I couldn’t find anything about it.




  • I have tried it two days ago with the version 5.0. It gave me this error:

    *** Exception (JSphGpuSingle::LoadCaseConfig) at ..\source\JSph.cpp:1180

    Text: Multiphase formulations are not supported with inlet/outlet option.

    Finished execution (code=1).

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