Water surface oscillation


I simulate a pool of still water in 2D,and use measuretool to get the height of water surface,

then I find that the water surface is oscillate with no reason as show in figure.

and here is my xml file.

It seems it will also happen in 3D simulation, and after a few seconds the oscillation amplitude would reduce, but it is no use in 2D.

Does it because there are too much particles in a water depth or the initial water pressure is incorrect ?

how can I deal with the water surface oscillation ?




  • The current detalSPH implementation presents some problems: like this water level increase

    Therefore do not use: parameter key="DeltaSPH" value="0.1"  for water waves

    Next release will include a new density difussion term (DDT) that will fix this problem


  • @Alex

    Thank you Alex.

    When can we get the new release of DualSPHysics v5.0?

  • I assume that continuity equation is still fullfilled, since this only makes it so that the particles are further away from each other than initially or?

    Kind regards

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