New parameter replaced by DeltaSPH

I want to know the theory and explanation of ""DensityDT" which is a new parameter in 4.4.7, which is replaced by DeltaSPH.



  • Hello Amir!

    Sorry for not being to any help with regards to your question, but could you show me where you download this release? Is it a test release?

    Kind regards

  • That will be explained soon in the new version we plan to release with proper documentation.

    Now 'DensityDT' is the density difussion term since the formulation of Molteni and Colagrossi 2009 should not be called "delta-SPH" so that we have decided to change the name of the variable as well.

    Therefore DensityDT=1 is the same as "deltaSPH" we have in previous version


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