Chrono Collision not Working

I defined two mkbounds, one is imported from mesh (STL), the other is using ball geometry. The two mkbounds were connected together using spring. But when simulate the motion, the ball penetrates with the mesh geometry, does anyone have any suggestion why this happens?


  • CHRONO can solve collisions between boundary objects (fixed, moving or floating) and this collision is solved in terms of geometries, not in terms of particles, but you need to define:

    1) the geometries using VTK, STL or other that you can define with modelfile="XXXXXX" (here you can include a geo or just use the ones created with GenCase CaseDp.vtk or CaseActual.vtk using modelfile="AutoDp" or modelfile="AutoActual"

    2) reading material properties from other external XML where Chrono will use the values of friction and restitution coefficient

    3) collisiondpvalue will define the minimum distance to detect collisions, and here we decide to use as reference the value of "dp", so that collisiondpvalue="0.5" means that minimum distance for collision will be 0.5*dp

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    Thanks @Alex.

    I first use external geometry file (STL) and it is not working. Then i changed to internal geometries (such as ball) and try to find out where the problem. But it seems still not working.

    I attached below the xml file, could you please kindly help to have a quick look where the problem is.

  • Please can you send the xml and your questions to

    It is eaiser for us to have that there in the mail


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