GenCase4_linux64 Permission denied

I'm trying to run the wavecoupling examples but stuck on the first step.


  • Do the other examples work for you?

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  • The problem is that I can't run the GenCase4_linux64. It says permission denied.

  • I see, unfortunately I don't run Linux, so I can't help that much. Maybe if you ran the file as "adminstrator" if that exists on Linux as well it might work? I know very little about Linux, which might be evident from this comment.. :-)

    Hope you find a solution.

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  • give permissions of execution....

    you can also execute the we include in the package

  • @topot I don't know if you ever managed to figure it out, but finally I found the problem.

    One has to go into the linux binaries of DualSPHysics and set the option, which allows a file to be run as an executable.

    Terminal wise this is by doing each file as, "chmod +x NAME-OF-EXECUTABLE", or using a GUI and then setting all to be allowed, to run as executables. Then everything works fine. Also remember to allow read and write in the folders where your DualSPHysics case is, if not already allowed.

    I could not find, "" which Alex mentioned.

    Kind regards

  • the file is now missing the package

    we will update the package as soon as possible


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