Full floating object being excluded

edited August 2019 in DualSPHysics v4.4

Hi all,

(Using latest github version)

When running with chrono, the floating object gets completely excluded but is not generated in the BoundaryOut.vtk file. It says they are 'excluded for position'.

Is there any way to fix this?



  • Plot CaseAll.vtk together with ErrorBoundaryOut.vtk.

    But please plot ErrorBoundaryOut.vtk as POINTS and with higer point size


  • I am unable to open both at the same time as it results in paraview crashing (segmentation fault core dumped) on both linux and windows machines. Are the generated files corrupt? I have uploaded a zip folder containg the 2 files onto google drive (didn't let me upload them here - one file is over 50MB and it won't upload zip files). Can I post a link here or is that not allowed?


  • Install other version of paraview and try again


  • I found the problem to only happen when inertia is defined. Getting rid of its definition stops the floating from being excluded. (Also it was my paraview version that didn't let them load)


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