What is the idea behind doubling the number of boundary particles?

I have noticed this possibility among the constants of the settings file:

   <lattice bound="2" fluid="1" />

as also illustrated in the XML file guide.

It also shows up in the standard output of GenCase, where the number of particles is doubled

List of Points:
Points -> Floating-Boundary particles:
 block[ 0] (mk: 31):   729 -->   1458
 block[ 1] (mk: 51):   729 -->   1458
 block[ 2] (mk: 52):   729 -->   1458

In this example 729 is 9³, since I have a cube with edge length equal to 8dp.

I then wondered what is the reason for this 1|2 choice, whether there is a recommended option and to which advantage. Thanks in advance for addressing these questions.

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