Problem about floatings using liquid-gas code

Hi everyone

Recently i meet with some problems when modeling a case about water entry using the Liquid-Gas code.

(no DEM.)

This is the part of xml,can see i commented the block of link (mkboud=51)

then, i got this :*

Exception (JSpaceProperties::GetValue)

Text: Value 'rhop0' not found.

And, if i link its property like this.

Then, it can run.In theory, we only need the rhop value of floatings. However, in the Liquid-Gas code, rhop0 don't work. I also tried rhopbody and massbody, it seem like rhop0 is necessary (or, link its property like DEM).

And, there's another problem.

This is part0

This is the part1 (physical time about 0.01s)

We can see the floating particles just disappear.And i can not found them in particlesout.

If i use the single phase, that would be normal.

So, i wonder if there something need special treatment when using the two phase code.



  • Hello @jojoost ,

    the case I want to simulate is similar to yours and I also have problems with the liquid gas module. My initial speed is not taken into account. The object is only in free fall. Did you encounter the same problem ? (I tried "LinearVelini" and "velini")

    Thank you very much for your help.

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