How to create Inlet/Outlet on STL file

edited August 2019 in DualSPHysics v4.4

Hi All

I am new to DualSPhysics and want to use it to investigate the movement of particles in a spouted bed, with fluid being injected at the bottom and leaving from the top.

Reviewing some of the tutorials helped understand the basics of DualSPhysics.

The goal is to import a STL file and then selecting one of the surfaces as an inlet for particle flow and another for as an exit and filling the internal space of the geometry with about 6million elements.

When importing the STL file I am unable to select the inlet/outlet condition

Any recommendations where I went wrong?



  • Hi , i am having the same problem, i am not able to link my simulations with the special feature of inlet outlet, did you learned how to do it?. Till know my only guess is to modify the .XML , but if there is an easier option i would be very grateful.


  • Before we release new version of the GUI (DesignSPHysics) the only option is to work directly with XML following the examples/inletoutlet

    We are also working on a new XML_GUIDE to explain all the parameters of inlet/outlet functionalities


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