solitary wave

hi guys

i want to simulation solitary wave in DualSPHysics v4.4 but i cant found the Theory of generation. i try to define a motion with linear motion from a file but is not correct. how found Theory of generation 1:Rayleigh (Serre 1953), 2: Boussinesq (Goring 1978) 3: KdV ?


  • hi guys

    i want to simulation double solitary wave in DualSPHysics v4.4 .my waves have Same wave height when i do this my result not same.

    how can i do for the periods and height to be same?i want to check changes of the <startcoef2> in my case.


              <mkbound value="10" comment="Mk-Bound of selected particles" />

              <theory value="2" comment="Theory of generation 1:Rayleigh (Serre 1953), 2: Boussinesq (Goring 1978) 3: KdV (Clamond and Germain 1999) (def=2)" />

              <start value="0" comment="Start time (def=0)" />

              <pistondir x="1" y="0" z="0" comment="Movement direction (def=(1,0,0))" />

    <savemotion time="4" timedt="0.02" xpos="6.5" comment="Saves motion data. xpos is optional for elevation calculation" />   

    <depth value="0.14" comment="Water depth" />

      <waves value="2" comment="Number of solitary waves (def=1)" />

    <durationcoef value="1" comment="Coefficient of movement duration (def=1)" />

                      <waveheight value="0.028" comment="Wave height" />

              <startcoef2 value="0.6" comment="Defines start of next wave according to period of previous wave. (def=1)" />

                  <waveheight2 value="0.028" comment="Wave height for 2nd wave (def=value of previous wave" /> 



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