STL files not interacting with particles

Whenever I use an STL file in a simulation, an area is created around it that does not allow the particles to touch the model. I have attached an image of the surface produced. Is there any way to fix this?


  • There is a way using a boundary condiction fix factor, which allows particles to sit next to a surface, I can't remember where to find the example, but maybe @Alex knows.

    For now a way to minimze this problem is by increasing number of particles, which ensures that the gap becomes smaller. For most engineering practices, the gap often becomes so small that it should have a negligble effect (hopefully).

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  • Thanks @Asalih3d it works great for what I'm doing 😀

  • Glad to hear that :-)

    Kind regards

  • Plot particles using PartVTK instead of IsoSurface, which should be used only with high resolution... otherwise the visualisation is not good.


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