The Implementation Of New DELTA-SPH term in Dulasphysicsv4.2

Hi Everyone, I want to implement new approach of Delta SPH Term that is presented by Dr.Fourtakas in new article (LUST BOUNDARY CONDITION-2019) to improves the behavior of pressure near the boundary,but when i add this term in source code and run, all of fluid particles in the beginning of simulation start to out. i sent the picture of my code and the formulation of new diffusion term in article, I'll be grateful to hear your opinion

about my mistake.

Best Regard


  • Dear user we have already included that in the code.

    After including some documentation and examples, this will be released in september (August we are on holidays).


  • Dear @Alex, Can you help me in implementation this code? my deadline of project is so near and i'm so confused!!! i cant wait to September.


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