Possible Bug: Penetration between face floating and solid body


Unfortunately I cannot share the simulation file due to confidentiality, but in my simulation I experienced that an object with only particles on its face penetrated a solid object. It might be a "numerical accident", but I just wanted to make others who simulate aware to check if their floating bodies behave as intended. I used normal SPH interaction (ie. no DEM or Chrono) and was very generous with number of particles. If you encounter this behaviour I would suggest you to:

  1. Try increasing smoothing length
  2. Make simulation even finer
  3. Lower time steps
  4. Enable different interaction model between floating and fixed (ie. DEM or Chrono)

I have not tested all of them yet, but these suggestions should fix any issues.

Please see this post as a service to the community and not request for a bugfix - possibly I have a mistake somewhere - I just wanted to make sure if someone else got stuck with a problem like this, they would have some ideas to go off.

Kind regards


  • You should fill with particles.

    If you are using an external geometry you can use:

              drawfilestl file="File.stl" autofill="true"

  • Oh, is the autofill a new feature? No reason to use fillpoint / fillbox anymore for most cases then?

    Thank you Alex and team!

    And yeah I will fill it with particles to save trouble.

    Kind regards

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