Feature Request: Possibility of restarting inlet/oulet simulation

Dear DualSPHysics team

I've started using this software in connection with online GPU machines (imagine gcloud and AWS), which has been a blast since I am suddenly able to simulate much more complex scenarios. Unfortunately sometimes these services crash (which was not the fault of DualSPHysics). Therefore it would be wonderful if it was once again possible to restart a simulation, which has been one of my favourite features in previous versions of DualSPHysics, to slip for the stress dying machines can cause :-)

Please don't take this as a critique, just trying to convey my bad start to the day when I woke up and saw the server was reset.... ;-)

Kind regards


  • Hello @Asalih3d

    How we can implement Dualsphysics simulations using AWS?

  • Dear Asalih3d

    If you could see our list of things to be implemented in the next versions, you can find this in the top ;)))


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    That is awesome to hear @Alex !

    These quality of life features are really going to take DualSPHysics to the next level, since it allows for failed simulations to be "useful" again as before with DBC

    I believe that mDBC option could perhaps be restarted using "motion0" feature right now?

    EDIT: I see my post 2 years ago (wow time went by fast!), was actually about inlet/outlet - would be nice having restart working again for that too!

    Kind regards

  • @Sofiane_Ben

    You should be able to get up and running just by downloading a GPU driver and the DualSPHysics package on a cloud system.

    It will properly take a bit of debugging to get fully running, but it is possible.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you so much for your reply

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