How can I use AWAS for Irregular waves generation?

I can not find any example in the document.



  • AWAS with regular waves is straightforward since wave theory is used internally to compute the free-surface elevation in front of the piston as the Zsurf target...

    However, in the case of irregular waves, you need first to compute first the theoretical free-surface elevation in front of the piston along time (considering that the piston is also moving with time)... save that information in an external file and include the file in AWAS section...

  • Would you mind please show it with an example?


  • Hi

    Following the AWAS option in DualSphysics, I have some questions and will be thankful if someone can help me:

    1- What is the appropriate value for "gaugex"?  Is it related to the wavelength?

    2- What are the parameters for the "correction"? and what are their suitable values?

    3- Would you mind please give me an example of the AWAS for Irregular waves?


  • Some information is available in "XMLGUIDEv4.4.pdf"

    Page 100 will give you answer to question 1 and 2.


  • @Alex Thanks a lot!

    Can the AWAS applied to the flap wave-makers, or it is intended only for piston wave-makers?


  • We have only implemented AWAS system for piston.

    The AWAS for flap is in our list....


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