Small Issue with Profile Pictures in Chrome

All I see is

This is for every profile picture, except the default one. I use Google Chrome, maybe this does not occur in other browsers.

Not the most important bug, but still a bug :-)

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  • Hi there!

    I made a few tweaks to the forum and then trying making a personal account to see if I could replicate the error. It seems solved for me, can you try putting a profile image again? Make sure to upload a new one (even if it's the same).

    Thanks for reporting it!

  • Thanks for answering @avieira

    The new forum is much nicer, thank you for your work - I have some further suggestions for the layout but will pm those later :-)

    Regarding the profile picture bug, I can see yours clearly:

    But for an example if I go to another post (

    I am not able to see their profile pictures. It seems like when you reset the domain, that the stored images were lost / connection broken. An "easy fix" (I don't know enough) might be to reset all profile pictures and then people have to reupload.

    Kind regards

  • Yes, you were right.

    Basically while migrating the forum we had to clean install everything for a number of reasons. This forum software, Vanilla, stores images on disk and then references them as a relative path on the database. Obviously as we deleted the previous files all image paths were broken and that's why your browser replaced them for those ugly symbols.

    I've reset all the missing profile pictures so at least the forum looks kind of uniform.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. Feel free to comment on the theme / layout!

  • Okay, I decided just to post it here :-) Happy to see you were able to resolve the issue btw.

    My biggest complaint UI wise, is the monotone colour scheme ie. it is very hard (atleast for me to distingush different topics), so I propose

    Where green is stickied threads ie. announcements, dark grey are threads which have been visited and white is unopened threads - you could still have the "new" tag if you want, but I feel like colors would break up the monotone a bit more and convey important information faster.

    Maybe if a new answer has been added in an already open thread, change the colour to something different as well. These are just my suggestions.

    The style it self is pretty neat :-)

    Kind regards


  • I was glad to see a new version of the forum.

    However, I agree with @Asalih3d the UI is "hard" to read !

    Another suggestion, maybe some old sticky topic can be removed, such as "new release in october" or "new release 4.2", because they are not really relevant I think and they make this big block that we need to scroll...

    Also, I havn't given it a great deal of thought, but maybe the forum could have different section ? "Official announcemnt" "wave" "compiling"...

    In any case, thanks a lot to the team, I really appreciate your effort

    Best regards


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