Can we come with suggestions for GenCase?

Hello DualSPHysics team

I did not understand completely how GenCase is related to DualSPHysics, ie. if it is something developed by the DualSPHysics team or not - my question is then, can we give feature requests / suggestions for improvement, related to GenCase specifically?

If yes, I can try to compile a pdf with some of my own suggestions and mail them.

Kind regards


  • Yes of course

  • Great! So I have a few ones which I will first list without explanation:

    1. "Loop behaviour"
    2. Reset origin
    3. Mirroring
    4. Patterns
    5. Generator

    And now these suggestions will be gone through one by one.

    1. For loop behaviour I want it to be so, that when I make a list, I do not need need to paste the line "one hundred times", ie:

    I would instead define my sphere as usual and then <runlist name="Sphere" NoR="1000"/> where NoR = Number of Runs.

    1. "reset origin", is needed because whenever you do the list commands the origin in which objects are made is moved as well if you use the move function (which you have to) - therefore it should be possible to reset the offset, without having to hardcode or do it manually. This is connection with the sphere example (loop behaviour), since if I were to make a box now, the box would be offset with 1000*0.15 (because of the move in x for the <list name="Sphere" .... />
    2. Mirroring is such an important feature since it would be possible to draw something ke this much easier;

    And especially in connection with patterns, maybe you want to mirror the first element and then make a linear pattern with the combination of the first element and the mirror!

    1. Patterns are so nice to have, especially if we could have a syntax like <linearpattern range(0,5) dir="x" obj="Sphere"/> which is pseudo code for, "insert as many spheres as possible between 0 to 5 in x-direction". Could also be circular pattern or upload your own point file for the pattern to insert objects in.
    2. Generator would be so cool for debris simulation! Imagine if you could define a plane and say in this plane every 0.5 seconds generate 10 boxes with random sizes and then they would enter the simulation as new floating bodies. This would off course lead to a rethinking of how to define floating bodies (but that is another topic which I have some thoughts on as well)

    I do not know the novelty of these ideas or if they have been proposed before but DualSPHysics is the first simulation tool I know, in which I love to draw stuff programatically :-) I hope these ideas can help expand the capabilities of it.

    Kind regards

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