Particles out / removed at inlet

Greetings everybody,

I have a problem related to particle removal at the Inlet . According to Run.out >90% of the are being removed due to rhop_out.

(the inlet sits in wall, which is hard to see due to the opacity.)

 As you can see in the picture, the particles seem to “leak out” through the inlet (in the opposite direction of the flow). It usually starts a few seconds into the simulation (the simulation usually last > 30 sec).

I’ve tried versions based on example 05ShapesInlet3D (drawing a box in the “zone3d” section under execution>special>… ) or 06Box4Inlet3D (drawing a fluid under “geometry” and assigning the velocity to the mk under “zone3d”), but the problem remains.

here's the geometry:

and here is the inout section (similar to 07_CurrentHull):

here is another version I tried including more settings as found in 06Box4Inlet3D

Does anyone know what seems to be the problem?

I've tried various simulations and searching the forum but haven’t come across any solutions.

Thanks you in advance!


  • It's less, but still occuring, if I place the inlet above the water level.

    (Now about 70% of the particles are removed due to rhop. "RhopOutMin" value="700" "RhopOutMax" value="1500")

  • Try to play around the 7th example (with the boat) in inletoutlet, since it seems a bit similar to what you want to achieve, just remove the boat to spare simulation time. Maybe you can figure out how to improve your setup based on that one.

    Kind regards

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