some parameters relative to wave propagation

Hi guys

I am making a simulation about the impulse waves. Some granulars slide into the still water and make waves. I draw the wave at the test point and compare with experiment. But it is not agree well.
So I want to know how these parameters affect the wave shape.
such as the walve of hswl, speedsystem, coefh, cflnumber.
Or is there any other parameters in DualSPHysics will affect the wave propagation?

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  • For wave propagation, at lease for waves in a wave flume it is suggested to use:
    - dp=H/10 being H the wave height
    - visco=0.01 using artificial viscosity
    - coefh=1.2 or 1.5
    - wendland kernel
    - symplectic algorithm
    - double=1

  • Thanks for your comment, Alex.@Alex

    I will try to modify the parameters according to your advices.

    I have another question about the value of hswl. How will the "hswl" make effects to the simulation? accurancy or stability?

    When can I set to 0 (auto = true) and when can I set the value of real still water height?


  • You can read about the effect of "hswl" in the page 14, 15, 16 of XML_Guide_V4.4.pdf


  • Hi

     I am making a simulation about the Interaction between solitary wave and semicircular breakwater. after the breakwater the wave not upper than the wave height. there is not agree well between experiment and this.

    So I want to know except the above item, the structure in DualSPHysics will affect to creat this problem?

    i define the structure stl file.


  • We need to see your case to understand where the problem can be


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