Simulation of a very thin floaing object

Dear all
I have a problem with the simulation of a very thin floating body. In my case, the water depth is 0.65 m, the wave height is about 0.08 m and the thickness of the floating body is 0.01 m with a draught of 5 mm. The problem is that the motion response of the body is highly asymmetrical, for example the positive amplitude is about 4 cm, while the negative one is just 2 cm. I have such an asymmetry with my waves, but the level of this problem is much lower for waves. Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem? (I use the particle distance of 3.5 mm for my simulation).


  • Try to use 2.5 mm or sthg multiple of your draught of 5 mm.

    Then use a "solid" object, so filled the floating with particles.

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