Implementation of forces on floating objects (pre MoorDyn)

In terms of physics, the easiest approach for modelling mooring lines that of implementing forces as reactions to a body's displacements and rotations. I am aware that the coupling of DualSPHysics and the MoorDyn library is scheduled for version 4.6.

In this meantime, would anyone who has already engaged with this topic please suggest the best coding strategy for implementing the forces on floating objects in DSPH?

Links to generally available resources are very much welcome: so anyone who may have a similar need will find these collected here.


  • I am glad to start off with this collection of resources. I am grateful to @Asalih3d to have posted this link to an introduction of Barreiro et al (2015) on Mooring implementation in SPH models: it is a valuable overview of the physics but there is little guidance on coding best practices/tips for DualSPHysics.
  • @sph_tudelft_nl for coding guidance, I would like to point you to this file, maybe you have not seen it yet;


    Which is located in "doc-->guides-->others", here they go through pretty much step by step. It can be a bit daunting, but it is much better than nothing. Hope you are able to achieve what you want and sharing your progress when you do :-)

    Kind regards
  • The coupling between DualSPHysics and MoorDyn library will be released soon

    More informatin about this coupling can be found in:
    Crespo AJC, Domínguez JM, Gómez-Gesteira M, Hall M, Altomare C, Wu M, Verbrugghe T, Stratigaki V, Troch P, Kisacik D, Simonetti I, Cappietti L, Canelas RB, Ferreira RML, Stansby P. 2018. “Survivability of floating moored offshore structures studied with DualSPHysics”. In: 13th International SPHERIC Workshop, Galway, Ireland, 2018. Presentation in PDF.

  • @Asalih3d Thanks I am aware of the presentation on hacking DSPH -- excellent idea to include it in the distribution -- and is at the top of my reading list.
    @Alex Thanks for the addition
    @all Any contribution welcome
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