How to measure water height

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Hello all

I wanted to get the water height for a X,Y point.

Is it possible?



  • Hi Inaki,

    Can you be slightly more specific about when you want the water height of an X,Y point?

    Really, finding the height should just be a case of comparing the location of the particle of interest to an appropriate point of origin.

    Perhaps if you could describe your situation in slightly more detail?
  • Hello SLongshaw

    I meant, considering a tank test, to get the vertical distance from the water surface to a X, Y, Z point.

  • Hi Inaki,

    The easiest way I can suggest is to just extract the position of a particle at the height of the surface, either using a provided post-processing tool or using something like ParaView, then just do a simple distance calculation between the point on the water surface and the point that you are interested in.
  • Hello SLongshaw

    Finally I have got the solution. Very simple:
    - Include a PointsHeights.txt file with this. Please see the comments:

    7.5 3.5 0
    0.0 0.0 0.01
    1 1 500

    #PosX PosY 0 -> Z has to be zero (0)
    #StepX StepY ResolutionZ -> ResolutionZ is the "resolution" of the measurement
    #CountX CountY CountZ -> CountZ*ResolutionZ is in any way the area to be measured (not sure)

    - Include a Measure.bat file with this:

    %measuretool% -dirin %dirout% -points PointsHeights.txt -onlytype:-all,+fluid -height -savecsv PointsHeights

    Hope this helps (^_^)
  • Hi Inaki,

    Glad you found a method that works well for you :)
  • Hi all how to determine numbers for StepsX, Y, Z and CountX, Y, Z positions?

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