Applying initial condition

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Does anybody know that how can I apply an initial condition to a set of fluid particles? I noticed Case4 where an external force varying by time is applied to the fluid particles. But I want to apply initial velocity, acceleration and pressure which vary with the position of particles (both in X and Z coordinates), for example as a cosine function.



  • You can use INITIALS option to assign a initial velocity to a give fluid domain (Check XML_GUIDE.pdf)

    You can also use INLET to assign initial pressure distribution

  • Thanks Alex,

    I checked your suggestions and I found <velwave> to be an interesting options for my problem. Its usage is explained in CaseTemplate.xml.

    However, I would be interested in the underlying theory the solitary wave uses. Where can I find any information about this? It is only very shortly mention in the XML_GUIDE.pdf

    Also, in CaseTemplate.xml I found <velmesh>, which seems to allow to import a .csv file. This option is not mention in the XML_GUIDE.pdf. Do you know if it allows to set the initial velocity for each fluid particle by a csv file? Unfortunately, there is no description, how the .csv fiel has to look.

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