Next COURSE: "DualSPHysics: a SPH-based method for engineering, Salerno, Italy"

First @DualSPHysics course including examples of our coupling with CHRONO ( will be held next September 5-6 in Salerno, Italy.

Note that the new version of DesignSPHysics ( ), our graphical user interface, will be ready for this course and it will include the novelties of v4.4: coupling with CHRONO and open boundaries (inlet & outlet conditions).

If you are interested in this free course, contact Giacomo Viccione (

More information in



  • @Alex

    Thank you!

    I was just about to ask when the next version of DesignSPHysics will be available because that is a very helpful pre-processor for setting up the DualSPHysics.

    I'm still waiting for multiGPU and multi-node (cluster) capabilities because I would really like to start looking at talking to the right people at my work to deploy this for production analysis, but I will need the help and support of the development team so that as we encounter issues, they'll be able to fix it relatively quickly.

    I would like to be able to use this and displace PreonLab for the work that we do where we use SPH.

    If there's also a surface tension model that can also model the adhesion of water droplets on surfaces, that will also be useful as well.

    Thank you.

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