NEW release of DualSPHysics v4.2

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Dear users

We are planning to release the new package of DualSPHysics (v4.2) next 4th May.
New version includes:

• Several bugs are solved
Bugs reported by users
Shifting correction

• Multiphase code: LiquidGas
Source code and examples.

• New capacity to simulate more than 65,000 floating or moving bodies
Pre-processing and post-processing tools are adapted to this.
Compiling option for this functionality

• Wave generation and absorption
2nd Order Stokes: piston and flap
Passive absorption using sponge layers
Active absorption: AWAS for piston

• New test cases
Poiseuille flow
Many floating objects
Dike with AWAS where overtopping is computed

• New post-processing tools
FlowTool.exe; to compute inflow, outflow… overtopping!
IsoSurface.exe; now also creates slices

• Updated GUI
DesignSPHysics adapted to v4.2

• Other changes
CUDA 9.1
Visual Studio Community 2015 (free)
Improvements in the code documentation
Improved implementation of floating to facilitate coupling with other models
New functionalities in the XML of GenCase to create more complex cases
New output VTK file one thousand times less heavy to easily visualise huge cases

• New license of the code:
LGPL v2.1- GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
- Software can be incorporated into both free software and proprietary software
- Developers and companies can integrate LGPL software into their software without being required to release the source code of their own software-parts
- Libraries linked to DualSPHysics can be closed source
- LGPL can be used in commercial applications

The package will be available in the usual link:
but also in GITHUB:



  • Hello Alex!

    Multiphase code: LiquidGas
    Source code and examples.

    The archive does not contain a document

    page 32 of DualSPHysics_v4.2_GUIDE.pdf:
    3.13. Multi-phase: Two-phase liquid-gas implementation in DualSPHysics

    Please read “DualSPHysics_v4.0_LiquidGas_GUIDE.pdf”

    Is it available?


  • we will fix that next week
  • Sehr gut, report the archive update here, please
  • Next week, we will send the official email of announcement once all guides, documentation and wiki are finished


  • The code is already available to be downloaded in (including the users guide).
    We are now finishing small details and we will send the official email announcement soon

  • Much gratitude to the DualSPHysics developers for all of the work that went into creating v4.2! The new wiki on GitHub looks great, and there is much to be excited about with the improvements and new features. Thank you for enabling all of us to keep exploring and innovating with SPH.
  • Hi, Alex. I want to download the, but I could not see the Captcha. So it failed to download the
  • You can read in the website: If you can't see the Captcha, please email us.
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    DualSPHysics v4.2 is available for free download at but also in GITHUB
  • DualSPHysics v4.2: we have created a WIKI:
    and we have updated the section of FAQ (Frequently asked questions):
  • Hi, I just wanted to ask when the DesignSPHysics adaption to v4.2 will be released? Thanks!
  • DesignSPHysics adaptated to v4.2 is almost finished and it will be released next week
  • Will DesignSPHysics adaptated to v4.2 be released this week? Or did I miss something (e.g. on GitHub)? Thanks in advance!
  • It will be released this week

  • When version 4.2 is released to apply code changes؟؟
  • It was released last 4th May...
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    Why does version 4.2 codes not open or run?
  • Nobody else has problems to "open" or run the code, so please use separate discussion or email us for errors.


  • I installed Visual Studio 2015, but does not open ( sln 2015 )version 4.2 and says it is empty. Should I add files to sln?
  • The code is already compiled. You can integrate the executables in FreeCAD or you can only use the XML-files in the examples to build and run your own models.

    Apart from this, hopefully DesignPhysics 4.2 will be released this week!? :)
  • DesignSPHysics will be released before the end of this week
  • What should I do if I want to change the version 4.2 of the code?
  • You can download the latest version (4.2) and previous versions on the DualSPHysics website:
  • Due to permissions, it's not possible for you to alter the code itself, I think (correct me if I'm wrong).
  • Obviously yes, you can modify the code or implement new formulations and functionalities and compile again.

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    dear Alex
    In version 4, it is through 'sln', it opens and changes the code, but version 4.2 says that 'Sln' is empty. Is there any other way to modify the code?
  • and the sln is open only with visual studio community or is open with visual studio enterprise too??
  • Can you answer me? please !!
  • Dear Alipoo, we have not experienced problems with .sln.
    Try to download the latest package.
    Install visual studio community and CUDA9.2.
    An then open again the project.

    Please use a different discussion for detailed problems as the one you are reporting.
  • @Alex, with new release of v4.4 this thread should be unpinned right?
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